Rebecca Wilson

(Mgt 99)

Director of Academic Programs

What were the circumstances of your coming to work at the College of Computing?

I was working in Human Resources for Rich’s Department Stores for about four years after graduating when I was recruited to come to the College of Computing by a friend who worked in the graduate office, Laurie Chastine.

Prior to this, had you ever thought about coming back to work at GT Computing?

Yes, I was trying to break into Georgia Tech for about a year before I actually got hired in October of 2003.

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time as a student?

I was in the Yellow Jacket Marching Band as well as the Men’s Basketball Pep band.  Both of those activities allowed me to be able to travel to a lot of fun events like the Carquest Bowl, the Gator Bowl, and two ACC basketball tournaments. I was also a Bat girl for the baseball team for three years during my time as a student and played intermural basketball.

How has the College changed since you were a student?

GT Computing is a lot bigger than it was back then. CS was still a relatively new major on campus in 1995 (my freshman year) but you could tell it was starting to ramp up based on how many people I knew that were CS majors.

What do you carry with you from your time as a student that still informs/influences your personal/professional life?

It definitely forced me how to learn how to manage my time effectively and how to properly study.

How would you like to see the college grow in the next decade?

I would love for GT Computing to continue to be a nationally-ranked CS program and just continue getting stronger as a community.