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Committee / Service Guidelines for 2023-4

General Service Guidelines

In general, WCP committee service achieves two goals: (1) making sure the work of the program gets done and (2) providing professional opportunity developments that will help faculty build competencies and experience.

Service is written into your job responsibilities and should be helpful to you—your committee service should be focused. Please use the following guidelines when deciding on how many committees to be a part of.

Service Workload Recommendations

Note that you are free to be on more committees than is noted here; in that case, make sure that your committee service is supportive of your long-term career goals.

  • First Year BFs (including January and August hires): In the fall semester, first-year BFs have no service requirements—this allows them time for attending the postdoctoral seminars. In the spring semester, it is recommended that  first-year BFs serve on one WCP committee.
  • Second Year BFs:  Serve on two WCP committees OR chair one committee.
  • Third Year BFs, Visiting Lecturers, and Lecturers: Serve on two WCP committees OR chair one committee.

Additional Service Work

If you feel strongly about serving on more committees than is listed here, please talk with the WCP Director; the additional service work should clearly provide the you with important professional development or otherwise further your career plans.

Alternative Service Work

If you have other service opportunities at Georgia Tech, you can talk with the WCP Director about using that opportunity to count toward your WCP service responsibilities.  Examples of alternative service opportunities include:

  • Serving on a WCP working group
  • Serving on an LMC or GT committee
  • Performing approved service activities outside of the committee structure
  • Working with student organizations
  • Providing WCP-related outreach outside of WCP committee structure

Standing Committees

The standing committees include the following:

  • DevLab Committee
  • Grants Committee
  • Hiring Committee
  • Podcast Committee
  • Curricular Innovation Committee
  • Technical Communication Committee
  • TechStyle Committee
  • Multilingual Pedagogy Committee (formerly World Englishes)
  • WOVENText / Textbook Committee

Working Groups and New Committees

Working groups differ from standing committees in that they start as short-term (semester or year-long) groups that attend to issues not covered by existing committees. Given sufficient importance, interest, and outcomes, working groups may become standing committees.

If you’d like to propose a working group that attends to issues not already covered by the existing committees, please contact the WCP Director.


Please note that WCP leadership and the Advisory Committee are continuing to refine these guidelines; your thoughts and feedback are welcome.