Summer Salary Maximums (Updated for 2022-23)


As you’re considering summer teaching, salary/grant opportunities (DILAC, LMC research), and/or other additional GT work, keep in mind that GT has a rule for all nine-month employees (such as yourselves): You can’t make more GT salary over the three months of summer than you make during three months of the academic year.
Here’s what that looks like, based on cohort and whether you’re departing GT.
BF Cohort Annual Pay Rate Summer Salary Max Summer Salary Max
Fellow returning in fall 2023 Fellow departing effective 7/31/23
(3 months) (2.5 months)
1 $56,635 $18,878.33 $15,731.94
2 $58,582 $19,527.33 $16,272.78
3+ $60,602 $20,200.67 $16,833.89

Summer Salary Maximums, per Brittain Fellow Cohort (2022-2023)

Any funds from GT that appear on your paycheck as summer salary count toward this cap. This includes:
  • Salary from teaching summer classes or tutoring in the Communication Center
  • Salary from SLS grants, the PIT project, or other additional funds from GT sources
  • Salary from one-off editing or other projects with other GT units
  • Salary from LMC research or DILAC grants
  • Salary from any other GT sources
What doesn’t count toward the cap:
  • Professional development funds
  • Grant funds that aren’t paid out as salary
  • Any payment for work outside of GT

Note: This policy applies to all nine- and ten-month employees at GT (so, almost all faculty), not just WCP faculty.