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Covid-Related Guidance – 2022-23

If you have questions not answered clearly here or elsewhere, please contact Andy directly. Further FAQs will be added as needed.

Your Health

What should I do if I feel sick?

In general, if you don’t feel well, stay home.  In general, be cautious and use an at-home Covid test for Covid-like symptoms.

If you test positive for COVID, follow CDC guidance for quarantine and isolation.

If you’re unable to teach, inform your students and cancel class. If you’re able to provide an activity or task that would replicate what you would have done in class, provide that to students; make it so that students get credit for turning it in (and you don’t need to grade).

If you’re able to teach, request a temporary modality change by contacting the WCP Director, inform your students, and move your class remote.

Every day before coming to campus, use the Covid Daily Self Screening Questions. If you have a symptom, even if it’s mild, stay home. If you feel a little off, stay home.

What do I do I’ve been in contact with someone with COVID? What if I’ve been in contact with a student who has COVID?

In general, follow CDC guidelinesThese currently  state that if you’re vaccinated and have come in contact with COVID, you do not need to quarantine unless you develop symptoms. You should get tested and mask in public places for five days.

What if I’m sick with something that’s not COVID?

Take a sick day and stay home. Inform your students and cancel class. If you’re able to provide an activity or task that would replicate what you would have done in class, provide that to students; make it so that students get credit for turning it in (and you don’t need to grade).

If you have an extended illness (more than two class periods), be in touch with Andy to discuss ways for your class to continue in your absence (e.g., substitutes, alternative lessons and activities, etc.)

Where do students, faculty, and staff report a positive COVID test?

Individuals may report a positive Covid test here:


What happens if a student, instructor, or staff member tests positive?

The Institute has also developed procedures, key decision points, and communication processes for faculty should a student in one of their classes fall ill or test positive with Covid-19.

As is the case in any semester, faculty may cancel a class if they have an illness or emergency situation and cover any missed material at their own discretion. If an instructor needs to cancel a class, they should notify students as early as possible.

Faculty who are staying home due to symptoms of Covid-19 or any illness should monitor their health closely and consult with their school chair to determine if remote instruction or substitute instruction is most appropriate for the course. If they need to cancel a class repeatedly, a backup will be supplied in the form of a temporary substitute instructor or asynchronous work. No course will be canceled after the first class has occurred. Any move to remote instruction must be approved by the Office of the Provost.


  • Use GT’s Covid-19 Decision Tree to help you make your decisions.
  • Faculty who need to temporarily shift from in-person to remote instruction because they’ve tested positive for Covid should contact Andy to discuss a temporary mode change.
  • If a student needs to be away from class because of Covid, instructors should treat the situation as they would for any student that is away from class due to an extended/emergency illness. As with any other ill student, you should catch the student up upon their return. You can livestream or record classes if you like for these students, though doing so is not required. See more information about recording classes below.

Where can I get masks for teaching?

KN95 masks are available from Ruslana Mashurova in Hall.


What resources are available to help me and my family cope with the stress and anxiety we might be feeling?

Employees and their families have access to our Employee Assistance Program through Kepro. You can request confidential, no cost services at 844.243.4440. More details on the Health and Wellbeing website.


NOTE: You may also find the following resources useful:


How do I request a temporary modality change for my course?

Instructors who need to temporarily shift from in-person to remote instruction because they  have tested positive for Covid, should contact Andy to request a temporary mode change.

What do I do if multiple students in one section test positive for Covid?

Instructors aren’t able to let other students know that there’s been a Covid case in the class—it’s an issue of privacy. The Covid-positive students should inform GT here:
In general, a temporary mode change of a class (i.e., shifting to remote teaching) is meant for instances in which the instructor has to isolate. The class should go forward in-person unless you yourself are sick (with Covid or otherwise).
Continually remind students in all your sections that it’s a good idea to wear masks indoors and test if they feel symptoms. Remind them to stay home if they feel unwell.

How can I reserve Hall 102 for class sessions?

Hall 102 is 64-seat room that allows for more social distancing . In order to give everyone a chance to use the room, reservations will be limited to one week or less. Please contact Ruslana. Reservations are based on availability. Feel free to contact Ruslana with any questions.

Where can I get a voice amplifier for use in teaching?

WCP has four voice amplifiers for use in teaching. If you’d like to use one, contact Ruslana.

Where can I find guidance for developing an attendance policy?

See the Guidance for Attendance Policies in WCP Courses in the Brittain Fellow Handbook.

What should I tell a student who asks me what they should do if they are ill?

In general, if the student does’t feel well, they should stay home. 

If a student indicates to you that they are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, you should do the following:

  • Suggest that they use an at-home test or schedule a test at Stamps Health Services and follow CDC guidelines for quarantine and isolation.
  • Remind them to report a positive test result to Stamps Health Services:
  • Refer them to this website which has more information for what to do if they are ill:
  • Work with them to come to an agreement about reasonable accommodations for their work in your class.

Be aware that students should report their positive test results to Stamps, no matter where they are tested. Contact tracing should be initiated by Georgia Tech and the state Department of Health.

You cannot report a student’s health status – they must be the ones to report their own test results.

May I share a recording of class activities with students enrolled in the class? Do I need to ask permission from students to record or livestream classes?

A recording of class activities may be shared with enrolled students. Students may not share the recording with persons outside of the class.

Faculty/instructors are not required to obtain permission to record a class if the recording will not be shared with persons outside of students enrolled in such class. Faculty, however, should inform students prior to recording.


  • Instructors have the option to record/stream a class, but are not required to. As with any student illness or emergency that leads to an extended absence, instructors should catch up the student upon their return to class.
  • While instructors are able to stream or record a class for students who are absent, students themselves need to ask you before recording or livestreaming the course. You control who records or streams anything in the classroom.