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Leaving Georgia Tech (Resignation and Exit Procedures) for WCP Faculty

Brittain Fellows have a set end date specified in their contract letters. BFs who leave the fellowship prior to that end date (to take another position, for example) need to submit a resignation message.  All departing faculty need to complete exit procedures and should understand other important information about departing GT. You can find more information at the GT HR offboarding page.

Resigning from the Brittain Fellowship

Note: This information is only for BFs leaving prior to the end of their three-year term (e.g., to take another position). Those leaving the Fellowship prior to the end of their three-year term should provide the WCP Director with a resignation message. The email doesn’t need to be overly formal—no letterhead needed. It does need to include a specific end date. Your message should be something like this:

I write to resign my position as a Marion L. Brittian Postdoctoral Fellow effective 5/31/2022 to accept a position as XXXX. [You can feel free to add more information if you like, but that’s not necessary.]

The Director forwards this message to LMC  and IAC HR, and it becomes part of your employment file.

Important: If you’re resigning the Brittain Fellowship to accept a  new position, you shouldn’t send a resignation message until you’ve officially accepted and finalized your new position. Once WCP has an official resignation message, we will begin making offers to candidates to replace the departing BF.

Exit Procedures

As you prepare to exit Georgia Tech, please note the official process involved; each of the following needs to be completed before your last day at Georgia Tech.

  1. Let the WCP Director know if you have office, classroom, or other keys to return.
  2. Once your keys are squared away, the Director has an exit checklist prepared for you to sign and take to HR. This can be done via email.
  3. Take your signed exit checklist to HR; you can find hours and appointments here. This visit is best done on or near your last day.
  4. Fill out this brief survey for Georgia Tech.
  5. Fill out this survey for the program, which gives you an opportunity to provide the program with important feedback and suggestions.
  6. Consider submitting any job materials you used in securing your next position here.

Important Departure Information (2023-24)

All BFs departing GT should be aware of the following:

  1. The latest end date WCP can offer is 7/31/24. Your GT health insurance will continue until that point.
  2. Departing faculty who are not teaching during the summer are able to set an end date prior to 7/31; GT insurance will continue through your stipulated end date. Because you prepay summer insurance during the spring, you may receive a refund check, depending on your actual end date—if that end date is prior to 7/31.
  3. Departing faculty teaching during the summer will receive their full summer teaching salary in May and June. In other words, departing faculty will be paid for their teaching—which extends until early August, i.e., past the 7/31 end date. Departing faculty will retain access to the GT network in order to submit grades in early August.
  4. Departing faculty have access to COBRA health insurance, which provides insurance for people between jobs. See more information here:
  5. Departing faculty have slightly different limits on how much additional salary they can make at GT over the summer. If you are teaching multiple courses or are earning additional salary through another GT unit (e.g., SLS; Effective Team Dynamics; DILAC, LMC, or other GT grants paid as salary, etc.), please note that you can earn the maximum listed in the rightmost column.
BF Cohort Annual Pay Rate Summer Salary Max Summer Salary Max
Fellow returning in fall 2024 Fellow departing effective 7/31/24
(3 months) (2.5 months)
1 $58,635 $19,545.00 $16,287.50
2 $60,582 $20,194.00 $16,828.33
3+ $62,602 $20,867.33 $17,389.44

Summer Salary Maximums, per Brittain Fellow Cohort (2023-2024)