Working with ATL@GT

Are you interested in working in the aviation industry? Have you dreamed of a career in which you worked for an airline and could come up with new ideas to maximize revenues, improve operations, and enhance the customer experience? (And, of course, could travel every weekend using flight benefits!) Do you get excited by the idea of working for an airline software development firm, learning how dozens of airlines throughout the world approach challenging optimization problems, and then helping to design innovative new products to tackle these problems? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then working with ATL@GT could be your first step to starting a career in aviation that leverages your skills in operations research, demand modeling, economics, computer science, ML/AI and other areas!

ATL@GT is a center whose mission is to advance the state of knowledge and practice in demand modeling and passenger behavior for air transportation through applied modeling and educational activities with a focus area in revenue management. ATL@GT hosts three annual meetings in which leading experts in airline revenue management come together to exchange ideas and review and provide input on research results and research directions. As a graduate student affiliated with the ATL@GT center, you will have a unique and rewarding graduate experience.

  • You will present your research three times a year to leading experts in airline revenue management and receive feedback and guidance on your research.
  • Because these meetings are hosted by different industry partners, you will travel to different locations throughout the world for these meetings. Potential locations include Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Montreal, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Nice, Zurich, Doha and others!
  • You will learn about airline RM and methods for modeling air travel demand by taking courses dedicated to this topic while a student at Georgia Tech.
  • You have a significant amount of one-on-one time with managers and directors who attend the ATL@GT meetings and who make hiring decisions for internships and full-time positions.