The Cognitive Engineering Center

In our complex world of humans and machines, CEC researchers are building the foundations, training, and technologies for safe and effective work.

Our research is built around a simple question:

What if we designed training and technology based on how people actually do their work?

In answering this question, we have contributed to procedures and displays for air and space operations, to basic research for military command and control decision making, and adaptive intelligence for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles.

We examine human-machine interaction using any tool necessary (field work or human-subjects studies; and interviews, software, or mathematics), to find the appropriate solution.

Curious about the Feigh Research Group?

The CEC is always looking for curious, passionate individuals who are interested in applying cognitive sciences to the application of difficult engineering challenges to improve the lives of those around us. For current student opportunities please visit the Potential Students page, or to see what we’ve been up to you can check out the News page.

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Amy Pritchett in the Georgia Tech School of Aerospace Engineering, and now, in our second decade, the CEC continues to ignore the boundaries of traditional disciplines in our search for meaningful, implementable solutions. Aerospace engineers, computer scientists, roboticists, industrial engineers, and education researchers work together to build a safer and more effective human-machine world.