About Us

In our complex world of humans and machines, CEC researchers are building the foundations, training, and technologies for safe and effective work.

The CEC continues to ignore the boundaries of traditional disciplines in our search for meaningful, implementable solutions. Aerospace engineers, computer scientists, roboticists, industrial engineers, and education researchers work together to build a safer and more effective human-machine world.

We believe that complex sociotechnical systems of people and technology require specialized methods of design, analysis, and evaluation to ensure safe and effective work.

We specialize in state-of-the-art techniques including work domain analysis; computational cognitive modeling; machine learning and artificial intelligence; hybrid, real-time, and adaptive control theory; ethnographies, surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

We work on sociotechnical systems of all domains: commercial and general aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous vehicles, military command and control, in-space operations, and industrial robotics.

We study at the intersection of a range of disciplines: aerospace engineering, robotics, computational science and engineering, industrial and systems engineering, and engineering education.

We enjoy making human-automation interaction better, doing meaningful research, authoring beautiful presentations and articles, and training the next generation of cognitive engineers.

We become professors, professional engineers, consultants, and technology policy advisors.