What does the program fee include?

The program fee covers your stays in Metz, Paris, Brussels, The Hague, Garmisch, Munich, and Bucharest with the program. It also covers any day trips taken within the program, and includes food stipends and a couple of group dinners. The program fee does not include tuition, airfare, and any trips you may wish to take during your free time. For more information, refer to the Price Breakdown on the Program Details page.

Are financial aid and grants available for the program?

Limited scholarships are available to any undergraduate or graduate student. For more information please visit http://www.oie.gatech.edu/sa/basics/index.php#5.

For a list of non-GT scholarships, please visit http://oie.gatech.edu/scholarships.

What is the timeline for application/admission?

The applications process is completely online and generally opens during the second week of the Fall semester. It typically takes about one month to go through the OIE review process and receive a decision.

The applications are on a rolling basis and admission is first-come, first-serve as long as the applicant is in good academic standing. The deadline is February 15th. The $500 deposit must be paid before the review process and is refunded if the students is not accepted. Once accepted, the deposit will be applied to the total program fee of $6000.

The program fee is typically due in two installments of $3000 each in mid March and mid April. However, for the 2023 program, full program fees ($6000) will be due on April 15th.

How many people are accepted to the program?

Each year, about twenty students go on the program.

Who is eligible for the program?

Any undergraduate or graduate student is eligible.

Non-Georgia Tech students must be currently enrolled in an accredited university and may apply to Georgia Tech for transient status through the office of admissions at http://www.oie.gatech.edu/sa/basics/procedurenongt.php. Further forms for credit transfer and approval can be found at http://www.oie.gatech.edu/study-abroad-getting-started.

All applicants must complete the online application form: http://oie.gatech.edu/apply.

What should I expect from the Host family experience?

This is consistently one of the favorite highlights of the program from the students’ perspective as it provides for meaningful cultural immersion. From the Director’s point of view, it is also one of the most cherished aspects of the program and certainly brings “added-value” compared to many other study abroad programs.

Home-stays really make the students feel “at home” and less like tourists and gives them an authentic experience with the European way of life. Many of the families have been participating since the beginning of the program back in 2000 and remain in contact with their former host students. For example, several families have traveled to attend the weddings of their former students or welcomed them back into their homes when students passed through Brussels again, etc

Do I need to book my own airfare/accommodations?

Students are responsible for all transatlantic travel to and from Europe, as well as any personal travel (e.g. trains, taxis, AirBnB accommodations) they choose to purchase during free weekends or days. The $6,000 program fee covers airfare, bus travel, lodgings and hotels that are part of the program’s formal itinerary.

What should I pack?

The program takes place in the summer, so you should pack accordingly. That being said, there can be cooler days, so clothes that can easily be layered are a good idea. Additionally, there will be days where you will be meeting with important officials and business casual or professional wear will be required, so you will need to bring a few outfits that are appropriate for these occasions.

For more details, contact the Program Director
Dr. Vicki Birchfield: vicki.birchfield@inta.gatech.edu