Grid Research for Good

The Grid Research for Good (GRG) project aims at producing test cases for optimal power flow problems with unprecedented fidelity. The goal is to generate test cases that capture the complexity of actual networks, including

  • a rich set of components that includes HVDC lines and circuit breakers for bus splitting;
  • preventive and corrective actions;
  • aspects of the underlying control system.

The test cases will be based on the French transmission system which spans over 100,000 kilometers and operates at three different voltage levels, from 440kV to 63kV.  They will be made available to the community through a new, extensive JSON format (the GRC format) that will capture the full complexity of actual networks. The project will also contribute tools  to

  • convert between existing formats and the GRG format;
  • generate realistic synthetic benchmarks based on actual test cases through various transformations;
  • design techniques for aggregation and obfuscation of grid network and grid data.

The GRG project is partly funded by the ARPA-E project “High Fidelity, Year Long Power Network Data Sets for Replicable Power System Research“.