Subject to

The Fusion of Machine Learning and Optimization

MARTA Reach – Project Outcomes


Constraint Programming For Scheduling: Global Scheduling Seminar

Machine Learning For Engineering: AAAI Workshop on Machine Learning for Operations Research (ML4OR)

INFORMS TutORial on Machine Learning for Power Flows

Inaugural INFORMS TSL Seminar on On-Demand Multimodal Transit Systems: Resilience and Capturing Mode Choices

Trier Seminar, May 2021: Differential Privacy of Hierarchical Census Data: An Optimization Approach

Berkeley IEOR Seminar: April 2021

RAMC: Risk-Aware Market Clearing (ARPA-E Project Introduction)

Keynote @ Annual Conference of the Operations Research Society of South Africa, October 2020

IJCAI 2020 (January 2021): Large Scale Ride Sharing Systems

IJCAI 2020 (January 2021): Privacy-Preserving Stackelberg Games

INFORMS 2020: Special Session on the 50 Years of Networks

2019 IISE Keynote on Mobility

2019 Post-Human Enhancement Event at the University of Bologna

The Trailer for my Coursera MOOC in Discrete Optimisation

Trailer for The Art of Computing which I designed and taught at ANU

IFORS Lecture at INFORMS (2013)

Doctoral Honors Causa Lecture in Nantes (2011)