• Software and Architecture for Reliable Quantum Computing
    Invited Talk, IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, USA, Oct 2022
    ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, Sep 2022
    TU, Munich, Germany, Sep 2022
    Invited Talk, Georgia Tech Quantum Alliance Workshop, Atlanta, USA, May 2022
  • Low-cost Decoding Solutions for Near-Term Quantum Error Correction
    ASPLOS Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, Mar 2022
    Google Research, California, USA, Jul 2021
  • A Scalable Decoder Micro-architecture for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing
    Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA, Jul 2019
    HPCA Conference, Virtual, South Korea, Apr 2022
  • JigSaw: Boosting Application Fidelity of NISQ Programs via Measurement Subsetting
    MICRO Conference, Virtual, Greece, Oct 2021
  • ADAPT: Mitigating Idling Errors in Qubits via Adaptive Dynamical Decoupling
    MICRO Conference, Virtual, Greece, Oct 2021
  • A Case for Multi-programming Quantum Computers
    MICRO Conference, Ohio, USA, Oct 2019
  • A Case for Superconducting Accelerators
    Computing Frontiers Conference, Sardinia, Italy, Apr 2019
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Apr 2019
    Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA, Jul 2018