Hi, I’m Shahar Ben-Dor, I’m studying Mechanical Engineering and I anticipate graduation at 2022. As a summer freshman I took English 1101 at Georgia Tech. It was not that bad since the only classes I had to study for were that and History. I struggle with visual communication but ironically, It’s also my favorite. I think that it’s the best form of communication just like the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This semester, I’ll try to use visual communication as much as possible, using pictures and creating videos when possible.

I’ve never been in a tv-oriented English class so I’m really looking forward to this semester. Unfortunately, I’m not a TV fanatic. I don’t binge watch Netflix shows but I do enjoy good movies. Regardless, the platform I spend most of my time on is on YouTube. The main types of videos that I watch on YouTube are tutorials and interesting facts. My favorite channel is HalfAsInteresting. I recommend it to all my friends. Besides that, the only show I really ever connected to was How I Met Your Mother. It was by far the best show I’ve ever watched.

I’ve chosen to review Grey’s Anatomy. It’s about how a group of interns start to work at a new hospital and become best friends over time as they have to deal with hard cases and work together. The main reason I chose it was because my sister recommended it to me so much. My parents are also doctors so I could ask them if I have any questions. Much of my other friends also watch the show and it will give us something to talk about.

I’m excited to start this semester and watch TV Shows. This seems like it will be a very fun class.

An inspirational quote I use to inspire myself