Hello all, my name is James Peavy, and I am a first-year Psychology major. (but I am probably going to switch into IE for Financial Systems) I hope to graduate in 2022, but it is very possible that I graduate a year or so later. I really enjoy a genre of music called Vaporwave (specifically its sub-genre ‘Future Funk’), and I advise everyone to try to listen to a bit of it. (it can be some good study music!)

Its just as much about the aesthetics as it is the music.

This isn’t my first English class at Georgia Tech, so I am familiar with the WOVEN modes and how things are structured. I am looking forward to a ‘slower’ English class than my ENGL 1101 class in the summer.

I personally like written communication the best because it lets me fully flesh out an idea before I officially ‘present’ it to someone else. On the flip side, I dislike oral communication because it forces you to quickly speak your mind or convey your opinion, and because you are given little time, your view might not be as fleshed out as you would like. I hope to improve my oral communication skills, and find out how to quickly add to a discussion in a meaningful and worth-while way.

I have little experience with TV and feminism, but I do have some understanding of feminism’s core values and teachings. TV is a thing of the past for me, I used to watch a lot while eating dinner when I was a kid, but after that phase I decided that YouTube contains a great deal of good, easily consumable, media.

I decided to review “Fresh Off the Boat” mostly due to its funny name and my knowledge of the history behind that name. I also enjoy the idea of watching a sitcom with an Asian family as the focus because I can’t recall any other series doing that. (usually its a white family)

Looking forward to seeing this show, glad I have an excuse to watch it!