Hi all! My name is Caio Pumputis, it is my second year at Tech and I am pursuing business as my major. I am from Brazil and I want to graduate as soon as possible so I can go back home get a job and spend more time with my family.

Since I am not from the US, I had to take three English classes before ENGL-1102. I really liked all of them. They were really helpful for my growing as a student at Tech. After these classes I can say that I learned a lot with them and, I am excited to learn even more with ENGL-1102. Considering all five modes of communication, I can say that I am not bad at reading or writing. The real problem is when I have to present something or talk formally. It happens because I am not from here, and my vocabulary still needs to be improved. However, taking this course, I want to improve my oral skill and also my desire to read.

I am not a TV fanatic and I have not spent a long time watching Netflix. When I start watching some TV shows, I always get bored and I stop watching them. The last Netflix show that I watched was “The Shooter.” Right after I started, I found the film about the show and I stopped watching the show because the film is shorter and straighter. Everything that I wanted.

Me telling people how classes are vs how they actually are

As I am not a big fan of TV shows, I ended up choosing “No Tomorrow”, following my sister’s advice. It is a comedy show in which a guy and a girl believe that the world is going to end soon. Believing this, they created a list of things to do before it happens. They wanted to enjoy life to the fullest. I am excited to get on it, and I am sure that I will like it, since my sister recommended it to me.