Hi! My name is Francis Fataki, and I am a 2nd year Computer Engineering major planning to graduate in May of 2021. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia; however, my family is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although I have many relatives residing there, I  have never visited the country and hope to do so soon.

One experience that I am excited about is getting the chance to take English 1102 this semester. The last time I took an English course was in the Fall of 2015 as a part of my school’s dual enrollment program with Georgia State University. For the duration of the semester, I was tasked with analyzing and comparing a variety of sources that discussed Bonnie and Clyde in some fashion. Although I enjoyed the class, it was unlike any English course I had previously taken. The ones I was registered in prior to that often involved writing in various genres in response to a prompt.

Since most of the English courses I took were writing intensive, I developed an appreciation for written communication. With this mode, I am able to convey my thoughts clearly and effectively without having to worry about my limitations with oral communication. For as long as I can remember, oral presentations have always been one of my shortcomings. When conversing with others, I sometimes stumble over what I have to say, and in some instances, I stammer so much that my speech becomes incoherent.

As the semester progresses, I hope to see improvements in how I communicate verbally and with pen and paper. In fact, I am fairly certain that I will see better results in both regards this year with the amount of assignments that require the use of both modes.

As far as the course theme of television and feminism, I have only immersed myself in TV. During my senior year of high school, I became attached to reruns of the Walker, Texas Ranger series which would appear on my program guide every evening. In fact, I would record episodes I could not view at a certain time and binge watch them at a later date. However, my connection to the show, and TV altogether, waned as I transitioned into my first semester at Tech. Although I may never be able to re-establish my attachment to the show, I feel as though this course will revive my relationship with TV in a new mold and allow me to deeply consider the representation of women behind the scenes.

The first and only TV series I’ve ever obsessed over

For this class, I have chosen to review Orange is the New Black. This series mainly follows Piper Chapman, a public relations executive who must serve a prison sentence for committing a drug-related offense. I decided to view this show because I am interested in witnessing how Piper must relinquish her freedom and adjust to a new lifestyle in short order.


Might be my next favorite series, but I’ll wait and see!