Hey y’all! My name is Rafael Barrientos; however, I go by my second name, Ernesto. I am from El Salvador, and a first-year student majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Hopefully, I will be graduating in 2022.

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That is a popular destination in my country

I am an international student; however, I have taken English courses throughout all my life. In my school I took English courses like AP Language and Composition. Therefore, I feel pretty comfortable writing and reading in English. I am very excited to further explore the electronic mode of communications, like Twitter, Blog posts, and Netflix. As an international student, I tend to have an accent, which sometimes makes me nervous, and probably affects my oral communication skills. However, I plan to speak plenty of English to feel more comfortable when speaking it. This is my first English class at Georgia Tech, and I am very excited for it. Especially for the aspect of TV and Feminism. Coming from a Latin-American country I can see how women (many times Latino women) are stuck portraying the same types of archetypal roles. Often Latino women are either playing a bombshell or a cleaning lady. Hopefully in the near future, Latino (and overall all) women can expand into more meaningful and powerful roles.

In can proudly say that I am a TV fanatic (of like five series). Mainly I have commitment issues with my series. I am afraid of committing to a forty-minute episode, given that I feel that they take more time to complete. Therefore, I stick to mostly twenty-minute episode series, like: How I Met Your Mother, That 70’s Show, etc. Probably the only long episode series I have binged is Game of Thrones.

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“When they tell mw I cannot binge on How I Met Your Mother again”

For this course, I have chosen to review the series Grace and Frankie. I chose this show because it is a sitcom and has short episodes. Furthermore, my sister recommended it to me a long time ago. I have decided to trust her TV show taste. I think this show is about two women who do not get along and now are forced to get along, because their husbands are in a romantic relationship. Sit back, relax, and continue to enjoy the Grace and Frankie blog posts.

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“Well this looks awkward”