Jessica Day aka Jess. New Girl centers their show around a bubbly, unconventional teacher in her early thirties who is originally from Portland, Oregon. Having the writers chose to create Jess’s character with a very girlishness attitude was a big change from most of the other shows that are trying to portray female empowerment through a very masculine persona of a woman.  Jess was not meant to be representative of all women, but her character aimed to portray a realistic, emotionally driven individual. The issues and problems she encounters represent the daily struggles that many women go through in their lives. For example, to start of the show Jess is confronted with her cheating boyfriend, and after being thoroughly embarrassed makes a choice to break-up with him. The writers received backlash from their choices to have Jess depicted as emotionally venerable so soon in the show. But the truth is so many women were able to connect with the circumstances Jess was in. Jess is a fantastic embodiment of female power and the writers of New Girl are supporting the idea that many different types of women can embody this too.

In addition, Jess ends up choosing to live with 3 very different men: 1) Nick Miller – who is depicted as a peculiar man who bottles up his emotions and strives to feel like a strong and independent man. 2) Schmidt – a more feminine character that strives for popularity, status, and women. 3) Coach – a very masculine character who doesn’t know anything about talking or interacting with females. These men that she chose to live with can support her in different ways just as she will be able to help all of them in different aspects of their lives. They were all placed together because they “fit”. Although at times it may seem unorthodox it will all work itself out.