This episode is written by Nahnatchka Khan. They have also written American Dad! And Don’t Trust the B—— in Apartment 23. While I have not seen American Dad!, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 seems to use similar quick dialogue and cutbacks to explain situations.

Since the show is following a family in a sitcom format, most of the dialogue in the show is conversation.
There are callbacks to previous events, such as when Eddie’s grades were delivered and Eddie got caught hiding them by his mother. These callbacks provide context for the scenes in the show.

Report Card Time!

One callback also utilizes voiceover by adult Eddie. This callback is when he is describing what the Chinese Learning Center (CLC) is because the principle is confused when the mother asks about it. These voiceovers by adult Eddie are not frequent in the show, but they are a reminder that the show is set in another time period and is being told by Eddie from the present. The voiceover also is used to explain things people might not otherwise understand, either culturally or about their own family dynamic. For a show revolving around the theme of being a diverse family in a mainly White area, these explanations make sense for the show. Finally, the voiceover serve as a way to share the moral of the episode in the final moments.
References to pop culture are also frequent in the writing. They seemed to be use to show characterization of Eddie, since he is characterized as loving hip hop. In addition, they are used to provide context for the time period.

Eddie the Hip Hop Lover

The show’s writing is fast paced and concise, which seems to fit the speed of the family. Especially, the mother who likes things to be efficient as possible. In addition, since the episodes are only around twenty minutes long, the fast paced script serves the show well as they need to create and resolve a conflict quickly.