For today’s post I will be writing about cinematography. ‘No Tomorrow’ is my TV Show choice. The TV Show is composed of one season with thirteen episodes. The main scenes of each episode happen at the same place. They change a little bit when Xavier Holliday (the ‘crazy’ guy who says that the end of the world is coming) tries to do his crazy list with Evie Covington (woman who left her “almost” husband to ‘live’ with Xavier and also help him to do his crazy list). Considering all 13 episodes, the show’s shots are short, there is no long scenes in which people talk with each other without interruptions. Conversations are also short and when a debate comes up, there are a lot of breaks showing people’s faces. There is also no dramatic change from one episode to another. The places that the shots are taken are always the same besides the exception that I mentioned earlier. In my point of view, it makes it easier to understand the continuity of the TV show. You can have a sense of where people are and automatically associate them with their respective names. I my opinion, short shots like this are better than long and boring shots. I have not seen any TV shows with long and annoying shots on Netflix.

I do not like to watch TV show at all because some of them are really long and I am always busy. However, ‘No Tomorrow’ has just one season with thirteen episodes. It encourage me to watch and pay attention to every single detail. Besides this positive point in my opinion, the TV show is also unpredictable, I never know what is going to happen which makes me feel interested, and it makes me want to keep binge watching without interruptions. In addiction to these facts, the first ‘page picture’ caught my attention because Xavier looks happy but Evie looks worried about something. The sky with some clouds on the background makes me think that they are ‘going crazy’ when they’re trying to do their list before the world ends.