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About Heartfulness

Heartfulness is a way of living – present and connected to one’s heart. The Heartfulness Way offers a set of simple practices to help us go within and be more authentic versions of ourselves.

To learn more about heartfulness, click here.

Heartfulness originates from ancient yogic practices and is a form of raja yoga, or “yoga of the mind.” While the techniques are simple, the practice is dynamic, providing a different experience each time. These practices are open to people of all backgrounds, cultures, and require no belief – just a willingness to close your eyes and sit quietly!

One of the highlights of the heartfulness practice is a community of meditators and volunteer instructors around the world. There are ‘HeartSpots’ around the world where you can meet fellow meditators and explore heartfulness further (click here to find one near you!).


Got five mins? Follow along with this guided relaxation video

  • Want to know more about Heartfulness Practice? Watch the following videos
  • Want access to all the practices on your phone? Download the free HeartsApp mobile app (iPhone | Android)
  • Prefer to read more? Check out The Heartfulness Way by Kamlesh D. Patel and Joshua Pollock
  • Want an online course? Watch and meditate along with these three heartfulness masterclass videos
  • Try a virtual one-on-one session with an instructor! Sign upĀ here

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