Large Scale Ride Sharing Systems

Check our video on integrating optimization, machine learning, and model-predictive control for large-scale ride-sharing systems.

It presents the paper Real-Time Dispatching of Large-Scale Ride-Sharing Systems: Integrating Optimization, Machine Learning, and Model Predictive Control. Connor Riley, Pascal Van Hentenryck, and Enpeng Yuan. In the Proceedings of 29th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-20), Tokyo, Japan 2020.

Bias in Differential Privacy

Check our AAAI 2021 paper on Bias and Variance of Post-processing in Differential Privacy.  It studies the effects of post-processing differentially private outputs (e.g., to restore feasibility of some constraints) on the noise distribution. The paper takes a first step towards understanding the properties of post-processing and quantifies the bias and variance introduced by a wide class of post-processing algorithms based on projection. It includes an analysis of the release of important quantities based on census data. The most interesting result is Theorem 5.