Year 2015-16

Butera Lab

Shashwat Sitesh, Miles Johnson, Jessica Block (Mentor), Reid Clyburn, Alex Akins, Dr. Rob Butera (Faculty Advisor)

Butera, Block 2






Biological Feedback for Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries Using a MEMS-Based Sensor


Georgia Tech Low Frequency Lab

Dr. Morris Cohen (Faculty Advisor), Edgardo Marchand, Bradley Daitch, Alex Simoneaux, Alex McLeod, Jackson McCormick and Nick Gross (Mentors)

Cohen, Gross, McCormick






Mini A.W.E.S.O.M.E.


Communication Systems Center

Ayca Ermis, Julio Morales-Perez, Ryan Stevens, George Udeochu, Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor), Billy Kihei (Mentor)

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication through Blind-Spot Detectors for Driver Protection


Center for Signal and Information Processing (CSIP)

Michael Moore (Mentor), Michelle George, Peter John, Dr. Mark Davenport (Faculty Advisor), Andrew Massimino (Mentor), Khaled Saab

Davenport, Massiminio, Moore






Identifying In-Seat Behaviors Using Pressure Sensors


Propagation Group

Hiba Murali, Bashir Akbar (Mentor), Kevin Mairena, Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor), Kyu Jin Lee, Anteneh Haile

Durgin, Akbar






5.8 GHz Energy Harvesting of Space Based Solar Power using Inkjet Printed Circuits on a Flexible, Transparent Substrate


Application-Aware Computing

Rishi Bhargava, Michael Martin, Shaunish Mookerji, Dr. Bonnie Ferri (Faculty Advisor), Michael Giardino (Mentor)

Integration of Power Management and Quality of Service Management Computer Processes


GT Bionics Lab

Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo (Faculty Advisor), Abed Mirbozorgi (Mentor), Daniel Canales, Morgan Tinkler

Ghovanloo, Mirbozorgi





Closed Loop Power Control for a Neural Stimulator and Recording Device Wirelessly Powered by an EnerCage System


Electric Energy Group

James Song, Shen Zhang (Mentor), Delli Nergui, Dr. Tom Habetler (Faculty Advisor), Ollie Foo

Habetler, Zhang






Demagnetization Fault Monitoring and Diagnostics of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines in Electric Vehicles


Power and Energy Lab

Marcus Bolden, Ashwin Subramanian, George Vellaringattu, Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor), Morteza Rezaee (Mentor)

Harley, Rezaee






Portable Photovoltaic Generation System Suitable for Educational Purposes


Power Electronics Lab

Ellie Robelo, Julie Bezabih, Wondewosen Kihinet, Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor), Liyao Wu (Mentor), Kyron Longwood

Harley, Wu






Haiti Refugee Hut Nanogrid Project (Thing-in-hut)



Maggie O’Bryant, Kane Ye, Dr. Jennifer Hasler (Faculty Advisor), Matt Lewine, Alex Cardwell (Mentor)

Hasler, Cardwell






Application for Communication with Field Programmable Analog Arrays


Human-Automation Systems (HumAnS) Lab

Brittney English (Mentor), Jonathan Tuck, Jennifer Hunter, Kristen Fernandez, Dr. Ayanna Howard (Faculty Advisor)

Howard, English - Fernandez, Hunter, Tuck






Designing a Scalable Robotic Exoskeleton and Tablet Gaming Suite for Hand Function Rehabilitation



Human Automation Systems (HumAnS) Lab

Ernest Williams, Jonathan Osei-Owusu, Dr. Ayanna Howard (Faculty Advisor), Brittney English (Mentor), Philip Wolfe

Howard, English - Osei-Owusu, Williams, Wolfe






Robot Mobility for Children


Inan Research Lab

Sahithi Bonala, Dominic Pattison, Edward Vear, Dr. Omer Inan (Faculty Advisor), Andrew Wiens (Mentor)


Non-contact Acoustical Assessment of Joint Health


Network Security and Architecture Lab

Dr. Henry Owen (Faculty Advisor), Joaquin Chung Miranda (Mentor), Michelle Zhang, Cindy Chen, Ikenna Uzoije, Barry Johnson-Smith

Owen, Chung Miranda






Leveraging Software Defined Networks (SDN) for Teaching Computer Networking Fundamentals


Mixed Signal Design Group

Julio Garcia, Eric Klawitter, Jake Smith, Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan (Faculty Advisor), Colin Pardue (Mentor)

Swaminathan, Pardue






Designing a Nanomaterial Frequency Selective Surface for Gas Sensing Applications



Dr. Manos Tentzeris (Faculty Advisor), Emily Pitts, Aisha Jackson, Hans Webster, Eric Rafalovsky, John Kimionis (Mentor)

Tentzeris, Kimionis






Sense for Cents: Low-cost Distributed Wireless Humidity and Temperature


Intelligence, Vision, and Automation (IVA) Lab

Andres Monterrosas, Jerry Fontus, Olu Mabogunje, Miguel Serrano (Mentor), Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor)

Vela, Serrano






Simultaneous Localization and Mapping on a Cost Effective Terrain Platform: A – bot


Intelligence, Vision, and Automation (IVA) Lab

Justin Smith (Mentor), Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor), Bryan Kim, Russell Dawkins, Oscar Ocampo

Vela, Smith






Designing a Nanomaterial Frequency Selective Surface for Gas Sensing Applications



Eric Pollmann, Yusuf Kuris, Azra Ismail, Dr. Alenka Zajic (Faculty Advisor), Robert Callan (Mentor)

Zajic, Callan





Electromagnetic Emanations Covert Channel for Smartphones


Sensors and Intelligent Systems Lab

Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor), Ruizhi Chai (Mentor), Curtis Ezell, Preston Kemp, Ha Dao, Yuanda Zhu

Zhang, Chai






Implementing a Control Algorithm for the Dynamic Thermal Management of Neural Implants