Year 2016-17

Low Frequency Radio Group

Nick Gross (PhD Mentor), Wendy Lin, Alex Simoneaux, Bradley Daitch, Jackson McCormick (PhD Mentor), Dr. Morris Cohen (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Mini Atmospheric Weather Electromagnetic System for Observation, Modeling, and Education (A.W.E.S.O.M.E.)


Communcations Systems Center (CSC)

Hamza Abbassi (PhD Mentor), Ben Lazar, Julio Morales-Perez, Marcus Bolden, Sahithi Bonala, Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Improving Traffic Data Collection Using DSRC Based Connected Vehicle Technology


Davenport Research Laboratory

Dr. Mark Davenport (Faculty Advisor), Priunsh Nagru, Austin Little, Michael Moore (PhD Mentor)

Developing a Real-Time Weight Shift Activity Tracker


Divan Research Laboratory

Nishant Bilakanti (PhD Mentor), Elijah Lubanski, Aditya Retnanto, Jeffrey Zhao, Catie Camron, Varun Duggal, Dr. Deepak Divan (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

A Scalable Architecture for Rural Electrification


Propagation Group

Hiba Murali, Evan Shi, Kevin Mairena, Qi Cheng (PhD Mentor), John Bell, Erik Centeno, Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

5.8 GHz Energy Harvesting of Space Based Solar Power using Inkjet Printed Circuits on a Flexible, Transparent Substrate


Application-Aware Computer Lab

Shaunish Mookerji, Michael Giardino (PhD Mentor), Rishi Bhargava, Eric Klawitter, Dr. Bonnie Ferri (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Integration of Power Management and Quality of Service Management Computer Processes


GT Bionics Lab

Daniel Canales, Delli Nergui, Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo (Faculty Advisor), Ali Allaire, Abed Mirbozorgi (PhD Mentor)

The Implementation of Multiple Simultaneously Operating EnerCage-Homecage Systems


Plasma and Dielectrics Laboratory

Volkan Gurses, Sai Narra, Tushar Damle (PhD Mentor), Tito Ovhori, Dr. Lukas Graber (Faculty Advisor –not pictured)

Modeling and Development of a Current Impulse Generator to Characterize the Fault Behavior of Electrical Contacts


Electric Energy Group

Terrell Leggette, Shen Zhang (PhD Mentor), Emily Backer, Brandon Baker, Dr. Tom Habetler (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Demagnetization Fault Monitoring and Diagnostics of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines in Electric Vehicles


Power and Energy Lab

Tshim Tshimanga, Emily Pitts, Ellie Robelo, Jake Smith, Jingfan Sun (PhD Mentor), Kyron Longwood, Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Haiti Refugee Hut Nanogrid Project (Thing-in-Hut)


Power and Energy Lab

Maimona Niang, Carolyn Majane, Anina Mu, Morteza Rezaee (PhD Mentor), Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Portable Photovoltaic (PV) Generation System Suitable for Educational Purpose


Integrated Computational Electronics Lab

Riley Brooksher, Sahil Shah (PhD Mentor), Jianni Adkisson, Sheng Zheng, Dr. Jennifer Hasler (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Increasing Mobility and Functionality of Existing Field Programmable Analog Arrays


Inan Research Laboratory

Alberto Li, Caitlin Teague (PhD Mentor), Mia Bezner, Andrew Shutzberg, Jack Novack, Dr. Omer Inan (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

A Smart Sensor Packaging System for Characterizing Sensor-to-Body Interactions in Wearable Medical Devices


Nanoelectronics Research Lab

Jonathan Jeffrey, Eric Dong, Jill Andriotti, Alex Cardwell (PhD Mentor), Dr. Azad Naeemi (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Process Flow of Monolithically Stacked 3D RRAM Chip


Nanoelectronics Research Lab

Yue Zheng, Vishnu Tanguturi, Will Scott, Rouhollah Mousav Iraei (PhD Mentor), Dr. Azad Naeemi (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Modeling of Novel Spintronic/Magnetic Circuits and Systems


Mixed Signal Design Group

Yu Huan (PhD Mentor), Soham Gadgil, Julio Garcia, Mia Colbert, Jered Tupik, Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Creating Behavioral Circuit Models Using Machine Learning


Adaptive Techniques in Hybrid Electromagnetic Numerical Applications (ATHENA) Group

John Kimionis (PhD Mentor), Josh Owens, Edgardo Marchand, Victor Pino, Dr. Manos Tentzeris (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Inkjet-printed Low Cost NFC Powered Wireless Wearable Sensor


Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory

David Brendel (PhD Mentor), John Riggins, Hope Hong, Steven Hsieh, Dr. Chris Valenta (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

A Low-cost Cooperative Robotics Platform Using SLAM and Diffusion-based Pathfinding


Intelligence, Vision, and Automation Lab

Adam Kinsel, Chidi Imala, Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor), Kristen Fernandez, Jiaqing Li,  Aisha Jackson, Fu Jen Chu (PhD Mentor)

Vision-based Egocentric Control of a Robot Arm


Intelligence, Vision, and Automation Lab

Nelson Raphael, Michelle George, Olu Mabogunje, Hayden Williams, Alex Chang (PhD Mentor), Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor)

Shape-based Robotic Snake Traversal of Uneven Terrain


Sensors and Intelligent System Lab

Ruizhi Chai (PhD Mentor), William Xia, Devleena Das, Sean Sain, Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

An Investigation of Thermal Management of Implantable Neural Interface Devices


Sensors and Intelligent System Lab

Qianao Ju (PhD Mentor), Malik Barton, Dianna King, Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor – not pictured)

Energy Harvesting Sensor Network: Energy Efficiency Optimization and Network Modeling Techniques