Year 2018-19

Photonics Lab:

Phase Change Materials

Ali Eshaghian Dorche (PhD Mentor), Edward Zhou, Ethan Jones, Laura Heller, not pictured: Dr. Ali Adibi (Faculty Advisor)


Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning Lab:

Semantic Mapping and Reasoning

Malik Burton, Brennon Farmer, Angel Daruna (PhD Mentor), Sterling James, not pictured: Dr. Sonia Chernova (Faculty Advisor) 


Davenport Research Lab:

Developing a Real-Time Weight Shift Activity Tracker

Christopher Ray, Aelita Shen, Aditya Retnanto, Nauman Ahad (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Dr. Mark Davenport (Faculty Advisor)


Center for Distributed Energy:

A Scalable Architecture for Rural Electrification

Nishant Bilakanti (PhD Mentor), Adrija Battacharya, Choukri Nyon, Jason Palmer, not pictured: Dr. Deepak Divan (Faculty Advisor)


Propagration Group:

24 GHz Semi-Passive RFID Tags

Mohammad Alhassoun (PhD Mentor), Jesse Jiang, Kibeom Kim, not pictured: Siddharth Kotapati, Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor)


Propagation Group: 

Using Inkjet Printed Circuits on a Transparent Substrate to Reduce Cost of Wireless Power Transfer for Space Solar Power

Qi Cheng (PhD Mentor), Evan Shi, Erik Centeno, Rafael Figueroa, not pictured: Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor) 


Optics Laboratory:

Three-dimensional Quantitative Phase Imaging of Biological Cells

Ji Yu Chun, Ashton Hattori, Ibrahim Islam, Yijun Bao (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Dr. Tom Gaylord (Faculty Advisor)


Plasma and Dielectrics Lab:

Modeling and Development of a Current Impulse Generator to Characterize the Fault Behavior of Electrical Contacts

Tushar Damle (PhD Mentor), Taylor Johnson, Nia Rich, Brian Sang, not pictured: Dr. Lukas Graber (Faculty Advisor)


Integrated Computational Electronics Lab:

A Musical Application of the Field Programmable Analog Array

Aishwarya Natarajan (PhD Mentor), Eve Cuero, Sai Kilaru, Justin Kelley, not pictured: Dr. Jennifer Hasler (Faculty Advisor)


GT Bionics Lab: 

Tongue Driven Video Game Platform for Quadriplegic Patients: An Application of the Multi-Modal Speech Capture System

Shayan Siahpoushan, Arpan Bhavsar, Nordine Sebkhi (PhD Mentor), Cece McMahon, not pictured: Dr. Omer Inan (Faculty Advisor)


Organic Photonics and Electronics Lab:

Rollable, Lightweight E-reader using Organic Photovoltaics

Felipe Larrain (PhD Mentor), Ruth Pavoor, Kimberly Lie, Varun Madabushi, not pictured: Dr. Bernard Kippelen (Faculty Advisor)


Nanoelectronics Research Lab:

Effects of Manipulation of Flexibility on Electronic Hardware

Alexander Joo, Thomas Rodriguez, Sridhar Sivapurapu (PhD Mentor), Lionel Jones, not pictured: Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan (Faculty Advisor)



Fully Inkjet-Printed Schottky Diodes

Aline Eid (PhD Mentor), Daniel Yang, Denden Mussie, Will Scott, not pictured: Dr. Manos Tentzeris (Faculty Advisor)


Intelligent Vision and Automation Lab:

Marsupially-Aided Robotic Snake Exploration and Navigation of Cluttered Environments

Ali Allaire, Alex Fache, Gabrielle Duva, Alex Chang (PhD Mentor), Joao Nascimento Francolin, Nelson Raphael, not pictured: Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor)


Intelligent Vision and Automation Lab:

An Egocentric Vision-Based Robotic Arm for the Physically Impaired

Nick Flint, Satwik Nandala, Josh Shafran, Anina Mu, Jianni Adkisson, Fu-Jen Chu (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor)


EMC² Lab:

Designing a RISC-V Convolutional Neural Network Co-Processor

Jacob Bruhn, Oguzhan Yilmaz, Alison Kennedy, Nader Sehatbakhsh (PhD Mentor), Hope Hong, not pictured: Dr. Alenka Zajic (Faculty Advisor)


EMC² Lab:

Unveiling the Clock Frequency of an Unknown Device for Electromagnetic SIde Channel Analysis and Attacks

Maria Saito, Vijay Prasad, Nathan Jenkins, not pictured: Dr. Alenka Zajic (Faculty Advisor), Baki Yilmaz (PhD Mentor)


Sensors and Intelligent Systems Lab:

Vital Sign Detection with Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar

Zongyang Xia (PhD Mentor), Aksaya Manickandan, Jigna Bhatt, Alex Xu, not pictured: Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor)


Sensors and Intelligent Systems Lab:

Development of Thermal Management Algorithm for Implantable Devices

Yen-Pan Lai (PhD Mentor), Thoai Pham, Jongheon Park, Tiffany Montgomery, not pictured: Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor)


ECE Power Electronics Lab:

The Haiti RELAY: A Cost Effective, Reliable Solar Energy Solution

Kevin Liow, Adam Kinsel, Bria Matthews, Jake Smith (PhD Mentor)