demo sessions – advanced NMR operation

We will hold demo sessions, where we explain and demonstrate the operation of NMR instruments, which goes beyond the five mouse-clicks needed to run an NMR spectrum.

The sessions will take place every Friday from 3 – 4 pm. There is no registration needed – just show up. As long as there is interest and people will show up we will continue having these sessions.

So far the following dates have been scheduled.  Topics for 2024 will be decided based on your interest.

11/3/2023                        3 pm                    Nitrogen fills and NMR lab safety

11/10/2023                     3 pm                    liquid Helium fills and Helium recovery

11/17/2023                     I am out of town

12/01/2023                       3 pm                   compressed air and the hidden places of the NMR lab