Thank you Les Gelbaum

This is also the place to thank Dr. Leslie Gelbaum for all he has done for the NMR at Georgia Tech and more importantly for all students, post-docs and scientists who have worked with him over the years.

Les is a true NMR pioneer in the sense that he has been using NMR instruments since they were commercially available. From 1994 until the spring of this year (2023) he was manager of our NMR center. He was instrumental in the initial setup of the Georgia Tech NMR lab (1994 in Boggs) in its move to the MoSE Building (2006) and our major upgrade in 2016. But there is one thing, where Les can rightfully be most proud of: he has taught more than 1000 (!!!) researchers how to use an NMR spectrometer.

Les and Hanno in 2016 during the installation of our 700 MHz magnet.

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