Solution NMR

Small molecule NMR

  1. Small molecule NMR samples preparation note
  2. Bruker 400-C3PO and 500-Chewie training note (pdf)
  3. Varian 300-R2D2 and 400-Amidala training note (pdf)
  4. Measure H1 T1 and C13 T1 with organic solvents
  5. Quantitative 1D C13 NMR experiment note
  6. Measure H1 T2 with organic solvents
  7. How to setup 1D ¹H Homonuclear Decoupling Experiment
  8. How to setup 1D ¹H Selective gradient NOESY Experiment
  9. 2D INADEQUATE setup note

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Peptides NMR without isotope labeling

  1. DOSY expt. set up
  2. DOSY processing
  3. 2D NOESY, ROESY and TOCSY setup notes

Protein NMR expts. Setup

  1. Bio-NMR user Training Procedure on Bruker AVIII HD 800 and 700 (pdf)
  2. NHnoe setup note on B800 with TP3.5pl5
  3. N15 T1 setup note on B800 with TP3.5pl5
  4. N15 T2 setup note on B800 with TP3.5pl5
  5. How to use stdisp to calculate the power level for a shape pulse
  6. How to setup Saturation Transfer Difference (STD) Experiment
  7. How to set up H1 T2 (or T1rho) expts. using 90%H2O/10%D2O buffer

Protein NMR sample Preparation

  1. 1L M9 minimal medium recipe for N15 or N15/C13 Labeling
  2. Example cell culture protocol for N15 or N15/C13 labeled protein
  3. NMR Buffer Conditions Optimization

NMR pulse sequence blocks

  1. Basic elements: Spin Echo, INEPT, refocused INEPT, reverse INEPT, HSQC, PEP-HSQC, and S3CT.

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