Solution NMR

Small molecule NMR

  1. Bruker 400-C3PO and 500-Chewie training note (pdf)
  2. Varian 300-R2D2 and 400-Amidala training note (pdf)
  3. Measure H1 T1 and C13 T1 with organic solvents
  4. Measure H1 T2 with organic solvents

Peptides NMR without isotope labeling

  1. DOSY expt. set up
  2. DOSY processing

Protein NMR

Useful NMR Links

  1. the nmr tube ordering info from NORELL brand (e.g. 5 mm nmr tube item#: S-5-500-7; 3 mm nmr tube item# : S-3-800-7, good for our B800-Luke)
  2. nmr tube technical information, etc. from NORELL
  3. Bruker 5mm POM nmr spinner ordering