The Georgia Tech NMR center is managed by Drs. Wu and Leisen.

Hongwei Wu, Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist,  Director for Solution NMR
Pls contact Hongwei for questions and training regarding solution NMR. 
expertise: NMR of biological Macromolecules
tel: 404-894-4079 (office, MoSE G113A)
      404-894-1827 (NMR lab, MoSE G143)
Johannes Leisen, Dr. rer. nat – Principal Research Scientist,  Director for Solid-State NMR
Pls contact Johannes (Hanno) for solid-state NMR, MRI, Diffusion NMR and beyond
expertise: Solid-State NMR, NMR in Material Science, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
tel: 404-894-9241 (office, MoSE G113B)        
      404-894-1827 (NMR lab, MoSE G143)
      404-385-3894 (MRI lab, IBB 0404)
Andrew Hill, PhD candidate

Andrew Hill is our “Apprentice”. Besides working on his Ph.D. in the research group of Dr. Soper he helps us out with all kind of tasks.



Leslie Gelbaum, Ph.D. – Principal Research Scientist, retired

Dr. Leslie Gelbaum

Les Gelbaum is the retired manager of the Georgia Tech NMR center.