recommended software

we recommend the following software packages are suitable for the processing of NMR data.

Topspin (Bruker): 

This is the same software, which is also operates the Bruker NMR spectrometers.

Bruker provides a free licence for academic users.


Mestrenova (Mestrelab Research):

Mestrenova provides a comprehensive package for the processing of NMR spectra. Georgia Tech’s office for information technology has purchased a campus-wide license.



Kirk Marat’s Spinworks is an easy to use, yet impressive tool for the off-line processing of NMR spectra).  To our knowledge it is free of charge and it can be used without limitations.


MATLAB NMR-library

Peter Bluemler’s MATLAB NMR-library provides an ideal entry if you want to get started with programming your own routines for the processing of NMR data using Matlab.



This program runs completely via a web browser.  Save your Bruker data from Topspin as zipped file. You can then  drag and drop this file to NMRium. Watch the “Quick tour” to learn about  basic features.