Community Councils

Community  Councils

What is Community Council?

It’s simple: our Community Councils are the heart of community in on-campus residence halls and the core of our organization. When the event idea you had and shared with Community Council Officers comes to light a few weeks later and engages an entire floor or when the board game you knew would make your floor lounge better finally arrives after passing a bill for one, that’s Community Council working at full capacity.

A Community Council is one of 15 groups within RHA that operates within one of a few residential communities across campus. Community Councils are responsible for planning events for their communities, providing opportunities for residents to provide input on how their Community Council’s semesterly budget is spent, and advocating for residents. As part of our organization’s Legislative Branch, Community Councils host weekly meetings to pass legislation through bills that affects their residents. In a typical year, our Community Councils work with RAs and Hall Directors to plan over 10 events and activities for their communities, pass and fund over 100 bills—each providing funding for other residents and RAs to host additional events for residents—and introduce hundreds of residents to one another.

Community Councils are designated as either a Hall or Area Council. Hall Councils are made up of first-year experience halls while Area Councils are made up of larger, upperclassman halls. This designation is due to the type of programming that works best for these communities based on their population make-up. Each type still provides the same community building and fun events!

If you live on campus, you’re part of a Community Council, and you have a vote and say in how your community functions over the next year. Do you think your floor should have a weekly ice cream social? Want the Department of Housing and Residence Life to know that your entire building supports the implementation of a new sustainability initiative in residence halls? Think that you should have a field day between neighboring residence halls to determine which building is supreme? Community Council is the place to start doing all of those things.


How does Community Council business work?

One of Community Council’s main operations is to facilitate business through resident-submitted bills. If you are looking for funding for an event you want to host, an initiative you want to start, or if you are looking to make a statement on behalf of your hall, you’ll want to submit a bill! In your bill, you will include details on what your idea is, what you might want to spend money on, and how it will benefit your residential community. Ask your RA or Hall Director how bills are submitted in your community! This bill will then be reviewed and likely placed on the agenda for your next Community Council meeting, as long as it meets bill eligibility requirements. You’ll want to attend your next Community Council meeting to be given a chance to talk through your bill with your fellow residents and give them a chance to vote on it. Should the bill pass at the Community Council meeting, you can then take action by hosting the event, making the purchases, etc. If you were approved to spend Community Council money, the last step of the process is to submit your receipts to RHA so that we can reimburse you. If you are not comfortable spending your own money, reach out to your Hall Director about them using a P-card purchase. While these must be done in advance, they are an easy way to host an event without spending your own money!

While the process can look like a lot when first starting, your Community Council Officers, RAs, and Hall Directors are more than happy to help you submit a bill to Community Council!


Our Community Council Officers

Community Council Officers, or CCOs, make Community Councils possible—they’re on the ground, in our residence halls, building community on a daily basis. Each Community Council has at least four coordinators: a Meetings Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, and an Events Coordinator. While each Coordinator has specific duties related to the core operations of their area Council and specific to their unique role, the whole Coordinating Board works together as a team to collectively enhance their community’s residential student experience. Each Community Council will be advised by their respective Hall Director. These officers are elected annually in the fall and serve through the end of the spring semester.

SPECIAL NOTE: Each Area Council has the autonomy to elect Building Representatives based on specialized needs within each community.

Meetings Coordinator
  • Oversee all Community Council and Coordinating Board meetings as a whole
  • Oversee and encourage Community Council bill submission for your community
  • Prepare Council and Coordinating Board meeting agendas
  • Supervise other Community Council Officers to ensure smooth collaboration as a team
  • Perform other duties as specified by the Coordinating Board or Community Council 
Communications Coordinator
  • Communicate with residents, RAs, and professional staff about Council happenings
  • Assist the Meetings Coordinator as needed 
  • Manage Council social media and print media
  • Record and distribute minutes during Council and Coordinating Board meetings
  • Perform other duties as specified by the Coordinating Board or Community Council 
Finance Coordinator
  • Manage the Council’s budget, advising the community on appropriate spending
  • Communicate the status of the accounts held by the Council to the Coordinating Board and Council at all meetings
  • Oversee reimbursement paperwork processing for you community, assisting residents, RAs, and others to submit accurate paperwork
  • Perform other duties as specified by the Coordinating Board or Council 
Events Coordinator
  • Hold ultimate responsibility for all programs and events held by the Council 
  • Plan and coordinate, along with the Coordinating Board, events and initiatives that further the purpose of the Council 
  • Collaborate with other Councils and Resident Assistants for events
  • Perform other duties as specified by the Coordinating Board or Council 
Building Representative
  • Post flyers and materials in their respective building/floor 
  • Send feedback from their respective floor/hall to Council meetings 
  • Encouraged to host a building/floor specific event or an event that sparks friendly competition between floors/buildings
  • Encourage building/floor to attend Council meetings (Ex: knocking on doors) 

Find Your Community Council

Use the dropdown tabs below to find information on each of our 15 Community Councils. Each tab includes Community Council meeting times, locations, Community Council Officer contact information, and building composition.

Bobby Dodd
Smith, Brown, Harris

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 9-10p

Meeting Location: Brittain Rec Classroom

Meetings CoordinatorJoey Wiltanger📧
Communications CoordinatorStefan Davidov📧
Finance CoordinatorSheev Shah📧
Programming CoordinatorMax Zhu📧
Advisor/HDO Aguado📧
Howell, Cloudman, Harrison

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 6:30-7:30p

Meeting Location: Cloudman Basement Lounge

Meetings CoordinatorDeets Behera📧
Communications CoordinatorJack Gawlik📧
Finance CoordinatorTyler Boyer📧
Programming CoordinatorLucy Noonan📧
Advisor/HDAaron Maize📧
Towers, Hanson

Meeting Time: Thursdays 7-8p

Meeting Location: GT Upper Connector

Meetings CoordinatorBrock Freeman📧
Communications CoordinatorJeb Dylan McDonald📧
Finance CoordinatorHailey Todt📧
Programming CoordinatorAva Slaughter
Advisor/HDCrystal Hodge📧
Burger Bowl
Fitten, Freeman, Montag

Meeting Time: Thursdays 8-9p

Meeting Location: Montag Learning Center

Meetings CoordinatorEvan Cleveland📧
Communications CoordinatorJames Chambers📧
Finance CoordinatorKarlyn Parlor📧
Programming CoordinatorVania Munjar📧
Advisor/HDTaylor Bailey📧
Hefner, Armstrong, Fulmer

Meeting Time: Thursdays 8-9p

Meeting Location: Hefner Basement

Meetings CoordinatorKatelyn Kwak📧
Communications CoordinatorChristy Long📧
Finance CoordinatorSebastian Morgenstern📧
Programming CoordinatorShalini Mehra📧
Advisor/HDChat Humphrey📧
Eighth Street
Eighth Street West, Eighth Street East, Eighth Street South

Meeting Time: Sundays 6-7p

Meeting Location: Honors LLC Classroom (Curran)

Meetings CoordinatorErin Taylor📧
Communications CoordinatorSaif Aslam📧
Finance CoordinatorVehnil Rangaraman📧
Programming CoordinatorMarissa Mandir📧
ESE Building RepJalana Smith📧
ESS Building RepShreya Chakraborty📧
ESW Building RepPriscilla Pierre📧
Advisor/HDJordan Howell📧
Grad & Fam
Graduate Living Center, 10th & Home

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 7-8pm

Meeting Location: GLC Activity Room

Meetings CoordinatorMicah Washington📧
Communications CoordinatorHannah Agbaroji📧
Finance CoordinatorAlexis Bateh📧
Programming CoordinatorTBD
Advisor/HDSebastian Moreno📧
Crecine, Center Street North, Center Street South

Meeting Time: TBD

Meeting Location: Crecine Lounge 125*

Meetings CoordinatorTBD
Communications CoordinatorTBD
Finance CoordinatorTBD
Programming CoordinatorTBD
Advisor/HDKris Ledford📧
North Avenue
North Avenue East, North Avenue West, North Avenue North, North Avenue South

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 7:30p

Meeting Location: North Avenue West Centennial Room

Meetings CoordinatorJosh Jones📧
Communications CoordinatorGretchen Hinger📧
Finance CoordinatorRiya Deshmukh📧
Programming CoordinatorMarc Anthony Banda📧
Area RepresentativesTBD
Anwitha Kollipara📧
Ryan Otsuka📧
Advisor/HDElita Rushin📧
Nelson Shell
Nelson Shell

Meeting Time: Thursdays 8-9p

Meeting Location: NSL Activity Room

Meetings CoordinatorNathan Morlu📧
Communications CoordinatorNatalia Vidal📧
Finance CoordinatorEthan Morlu📧
Programming CoordinatorSherry Wang📧
Advisor/HDAna Mendes📧
Maulding, Zbar

Meeting Time: Mondays 7p

Meeting Location: Maulding Club Room (132)

Meetings CoordinatorVeronica Sills📧
Communications CoordinatorAlyssa Johnson📧
Finance CoordinatorTBD
Programming CoordinatorTBD
Advisor/HDJay Griffin📧
Matheson, Perry, Field, Gray, Hayes, Goldin, Stein

Meeting Time: Sundays 6-7p

Meeting Location: GT Upper Connector

Meetings CoordinatorMukesh Krishnan Paranthaman📧
Communications CoordinatorJD Suarez📧
Finance CoordinatorSai Nagarajan📧
Programming CoordinatorDylan Holley📧
Advisor/HDAnnala Burno📧
Third Street
Glenn, Hopkins

Meeting Time: Fridays 4-5p

Meeting Location: GT Upper Connector

Meetings CoordinatorStephen Harvey📧
Communications CoordinatorTBD
Finance CoordinatorSterling Payton📧
Programming CoordinatorPierce Chastine📧
Advisor/HDLex Baker📧
West Village
Folk, Caldwell

Meeting Time: Mondays 7:30p

Meeting Location: Caldwell Basement

Meetings CoordinatorJacquelyn Sullivan📧
Communications CoordinatorPaul Pelkowski📧
Finance CoordinatorAustin Wang📧
Programming CoordinatorMaryam Aamir📧
Advisor/HDChat Humphrey
Woodruff North, Woodruff South

Meeting Time: Thursdays 7-8p

Meeting Location: Woodruff South Lobby

Meetings CoordinatorHayoung Choe📧
Communications CoordinatorTimothy Tran📧
Finance CoordinatorIrene Kim📧
Programming CoordinatorArjun Renjith📧
Advisor/HDAlexis Herrington📧