Resource Room


The Resource Room is no longer accepting new orders this semester. We look forward to opening back up at the start of the Fall 2025 semester!


RHA’s Resource Room is a library of items—ranging from small event supplies, like paint, cups, and utensils to large event supplies, such as cornhole boards, speakers, outdoor projectors, and tents—all procured for the purpose of hosting events. Designed primarily for use by affiliates of the Department of Housing and Residence Life—Hall Directors, RAs, and Community Council Officers—the Resource Room is also accessible to members of the Georgia Tech community. Please keep in mind that we’re a free student-run service, and our capacity to fulfill requests is limited. As you plan your event, think of us as one of many resources on campus that you can tap into, but know that we may not be able to fulfill all requests that we receive and that you may need to work with other campus partners to secure items, furniture, etc. for your event. Please look through the additional resources below before reserving your items through RHA’s Resource Room.

The Resource Room is managed by our Resource Room Manager. Please email any questions or concerns.

⌚ Hours of Operation

The Resource Room is not open during standard Institute business hours—we only staff the Resource Room during pre-planned item reservation appointments. If you would like to set up a time to look through the Resource Room in person or set up an event consultation, please reach out to our Resource Room Manager directly to find a time that works well for both parties. Do not swing by the Resource Room unannounced—the door will be locked, and nobody will be present to let you in.

How to Use Our Resource Room

Prior to making a reservation from our Resource Room for the first time, please review the below information.


The RHA Resource Room is located in Room #003 of Matheson Residence Hall, which is just to the left of the East Community Housing Office. If you’re locating our space with a GPS or online map service, use “711 Techwood Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30313” as our address. Additional parking is available just south of the Resource Room on Bobby Dodd Way, if needed. Upon arrival, you’ll find a locked door. Press the button on the monitor to the left of the door when you arrive so that we can let you in.

Making a Reservation

Resource Room reservations are managed through Booqable. You can make a reservation below by using the embedded Booqable UI. Our full inventory can be browsed without making a reservation, and you can view an item’s availability, description, and details by clicking on it. Items can additionally be filtered by clicking on one of the multiple categories we’ve tagged items as belonging to.

When you’re ready to make a reservation, select a pickup and return (“drop off”) time, and add items of interest to your cart. Upon checkout, you’ll be prompted to create an account with us and agree to our terms of service. Next, you’ll complete our short checkout form and provide details about yourself and the nature of your request (why you need the items you’re asking for). After checking out, you’ll receive an email confirmation from Booqable along with a receipt of your reserved items. Unless you receive an email from us stating otherwise, your reservation is confirmed, and you are expected to pick up and drop off your reserved items on the dates and times that you selected at our Resource Room location (see above).

Reservations must be made on Booqable at least 48 hours in advance of your reservation pick-up time; we do not fulfill requests on shorter notice, and our system will prevent you from requesting items with less than 48 hours notice. Please also note that we have limited pick up and drop off hours in Booqable; requests for pick ups and drop offs outside of these published hours may be granted on a case-by-case basis in extenuating circumstances or for Community Council Officers only, if needed.

🥄 Consumables

If you are reserving consumable items, such as utensils, paper plates, or stickers, you still need to select a drop-off time in Booqable. If you use all of the items that you reserved, you do not have to return to the Resource Room at your designated drop-off time—there is no expectation of returning consumable items that were used during an event. If, however, you have leftover consumable items (perhaps you picked up 100 spoons but only used 50 during your event), please plan to return those extra supplies to the Resource Room at your drop-off time. Please try to only reserve consumables if you are within Housing & Residence life or are not going to use more than 50 items. We do not have the capacity to fulfil multiple orders for consumables.

Changing Your Order

Booqable does not allow orders to be changed on the customer end after the order has been submitted. To edit your order, please reach out to the Resource Room Manager. Contact information is listed below.

Responsibilities as a Loanee/User of Resource Room Supplies

As a loanee, you agree to:

  • Pick up and return your items on time
  • Treat items with respect
  • Prevent damage to items
  • Return items to the Resource Room in the same condition that they were supplied—that is, clean and orderly, packed appropriately, and with all components included
  • Proactively communicate about your Resource Room needs and any conflicts that may arise regarding Resource Room usage
  • Cancel reservations at least 24 hours in advance if your reserved items are no longer needed

You understand that:

  • If your items are not picked up on time, your reservation will be cancelled
  • If the above terms are not met, you may be added to our Denied Parties List (see below)

Loanees are responsible for damages and negligent use of items. While normal wear and tear of items is expected, significant damage—accidental, intentional, or otherwise—to an item beyond what is reasonably expected from day-to-day use of the item may result in consequences for the loanee. Loanees are ultimately responsible for the condition of the items that they reserve—that is, it is the loanee’s responsibility to make sure that items are used appropriately and remain in good condition, even if others use the items reserved by the loanee. Any damages to items should be disclosed as soon as possible to the Resource Room Manager. Significant damages, theft, and/or loss of Resource Room property may be subject to action by GTPD, OSI and the Dean of Students, and/or Housing and Residence Life’s Conduct Administrator.

Loanees should verify that they received all items that they reserved upon pick-up, as additional or later pick-ups may not be feasible. It is the loanee’s responsibility to ensure that all items and/or technology have the necessary and appropriate components. Items that are missing components are not working should be reported to RHA.

❗ RHA’s Denied Parties List (DPL)

RHA’s Denied Parties List (DPL) consists of person(s) and/or organization(s) that are temporarily suspended from using resources offered by the Resource Room and/or RHA. Individuals may be added to our DPL for the following reasons:

❌ Failure to drop-off your items at the agreed upon time, without prior notification

❌ Returning items in a significantly damaged state to the Resource Room

❌ Violations of any other Resource Room policies

The parties on this list are reviewed and typically forgiven for previous infractions on a semesterly basis (at the end of the fall, spring, and summer semesters), meaning that once you are added to the list, it is likely that you will be removed from this list—and thus able to utilize our services again—at the end of the current semester. Parties who commit serious violations of our policies or demonstrate repeated misuse of our resources may be permanently placed on the DPL. We will notify all parties via email when they are added or removed from the DPL.

Transportation ▼

The transportation of large items to and from the Resource Room is provided to RHA Community Council Officers only; those interested in coordinating transportation via RHA’s GEM Cart should contact the Resource Room Manager. Please note that transportation is typically only offered to CCOs for large requests, and should be requested at least 48 hours in advance. Transportation may also be refused should nobody be available at that time to deliver it.

All other parties are responsible for arranging transportation and/or pick-up and drop-off of items on their own. We are currently working to procure extra wagons that are reservable via Booqable alongside our other items so that loanees can check out wagons with their orders to help facilitate the transportation of their other items.

Disclaimer: The Resource Room is a Privilege ▼

The Resource Room is provided as a resource to members of the Georgia Tech community, and, as discussed above, is a free, student-run service. Accordingly, we have limited capacity to fulfill Resource Room reservations. While we strive to fill all Resource Room requests, we do not guarantee our ability to fill any specific reservation—that is, a reservation is merely a request for a set of items but not a guarantee that we will be able to facilitate that reservation, pending availability and the number of requests we receive in a week. You may, at any time and for any reason, receive an email from us explaining that a reservation or request cannot be fulfilled. Common reasons for why item requests may not be able to be fulfilled, despite submitting a reservation, include:

  • An item was returned to us broken, damaged, or unusable by a previous user
  • An item was not returned by a previous user on time
  • We have reached our maximum capacity for fulfilling Resource Room requests one week and simply do not have the time, manpower, or resources to facilitate more requests
  • Your event or reservation purpose does not abide by RHA policy, HRL policy, and/or Institute policy

Repeated misuse of Resource Room materials may result in a suspension of privileges and/or revoked access to the Resource Room and an inability to submit future reservations. Access to the Resource Room and our supplies is a privilege, not a right, and we do not explicitly have to fulfill or honor any specific reservations.

Additional Resources

Our Resource Room is not the only place on campus from which you can rent event equipment and supplies! The following resources are (mostly) free to students and Georgia Tech affiliates.

  • The CRC rents sports and game equipment to all GT affiliates for 2-7 days for a low daily fee. Students and student organizations may request equipment from the CRC for free for one-day use (ie to qualify for free equipment rentals, items must be picked up and returned within the same day).
  • The Library provides technology—such as cameras, computers, scanners, tripods, projectors, audio equipment, and more—for free.
  • The Student Center rents various event equipment, including sound systems, a popcorn machine, projector/screen, etc. at low costs to GT affiliates.
  • Georgia Tech Staging can provide tables and chairs for registered events happening around campus at no or low cost, depending on the time of the event.
  • Conference Services offers tables, chairs, and various other equipment to anybody hosting events in residential areas at no or low cost.
  • Georgia Tech’s Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation offers a range of accessibility resources and services, such as captioning, braille, assistive technologies, and more.

Please look into these resources before placing a reservation through RHA’s Resource Room; large-scale, campus- or area-wide events are typically better served by an official unit or department at Georgia Tech than by our Resource Room.

Contact Us ▼

All communication concerning the Resource Room is done over email.

The Resource Room is managed by our Resource Room Manager.


If you have pop-ups and redirects blocked, you will not be able to make a reservation.

For other issues, please reach out to Resource Room Manager for additional support.