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Sarah Walsh successfully defends her Dissertation

November 2, 2023. Sarah Walsh successfully defends her PhD Dissertation entitled ‘Shared Mental Models in Human-Agent Team Decision Making’  Abstract:To effectively utilize AI-decision support tools, a human-AI team (HAT) must be able to maintain a shared understanding of the environment, team goals, and problem constraints. Otherwise, the human-AI team performance will not outperform individual performance. […]

Walsh presents at IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

Sarah Walsh presented her paper ‘Mental Models of AI Performance and Bias of Nontechnical Users’ at the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC). This work investigates users’ mental models of an AI-decision aid. The paper details an experiment designed within the ‘Disaster Relief’ experimental environment. 

Ranjani Narayanan presents at 67th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Ranjani presented her paper along with Sarah Walsh on “Development of Mental Models in Decision Making Tasks” at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) in Washington D.C. This work investigates the dynamic behavior of users’ decision strategies and the stability and predictability of their mental models over time. 

Research Engineer, Bruce Alstrom, presents at the 79th Vertical Flight Society Forum

Bruce co-authored a paper titled “Quantifying Taskload and Workload with Instantaneous Power Spectrum: An Initial Assessment of 3D Conformal Cueing in Rotorcraft Shipboard Landing“, which was presented at the 79th Vertical Flight Society (VFS) Forum. This work investigates using Instantaneous Power Spectrum as a technique to quantify taskload and pilot workload during helicopter shipboard landing.

Bruce Alstrom presents to Stakeholders

Bruce presented his work on the characterization of nonlinear frequency interactions of the pilot-helicopter system using cross-bicoherence analysis at the 2023 Vertical Flight Society (VFS) Handling Qualities Technical Meeting.

William Sealy Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation

June 19, 2023 William Sealy successfully defends his dissertation entitled ‘UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORTING DECISION MAKING IN DENIED AND DEGRADED ENVIRONMENTS’. Summary: Decision making is not guaranteed to occur in well-structured environments with per- fect information. Tasks in the research most often focus on decisions made with complete information in an unlimited time-frame, and in cases […]

Feigh PhD Student is Panelist at Mental Model Symposium

(June 2023) Sarah Walsh was an invited speaker at the ‘Symposium on Mental Model in Human-AI Interaction‘. The symposium featured seven presenters from academia and industry along with a panel to discuss how mental models can support the success of human-AI interactions.