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Sarah Walsh successfully defends her dissertation

November 2, 2023. Sarah Walsh successfully defends her Ph.D. Dissertation titled ‘Shared Mental Models in Human-Agent Team Decision Making’  Abstract:To effectively utilize AI-decision support tools, a human-AI team (HAT) must be able to maintain a shared understanding of the environment, team goals, and problem constraints. Otherwise, the human-AI team performance will not outperform individual performance. […]

Divya passes Thesis Proposal

11/11/2022: Divya Srivastava, 5th year Mechanical Engineering student, successfully proposed her PhD thesis entitled ‘Transparency and Operator Performance in Human-Autonomy Teams.’ Summary: Human-autonomy teams aim to leverage the different strengths of humans and autonomous systems respectively to exceed the individual capabilities of each through collaboration. Highly effective human teams develop and utilize a shared mental […]

Investigation of Critical Attributes for Transparency and Operator Performance in Human Autonomy Teaming (TOPHAT) for Intelligent Mission Planning

Teams tend to be high-performing when they have an accurate shared mental model. A shared mental model (SMM) is the understanding of the exterior world, as well as who within a team has both the ability to perform certain tasks as well as the responsibility to see that they are performed correctly. It incorporates understanding bout who […]

Impact of Shared Mental Models on Human-AI Interaction and Mission Effectiveness

Human teams are most effective when the members of the team utilize a shared mental model (SMM), meaning a shared perception of goals and actions through effective communication and an understanding of their fellow team members’ goals and likely methods. Currently humans and AI teams share no such model.  At best, humans working closely with […]