Bruker AVIII 400 (solid-state NMR and NMR microimaging)




Triple resonance MAS probe for 4 mm o.d. rotors. The maximum MAS speed is 15 kHz. Tuning range: 1H, 15N – 31P.  Triple resonance experiments can be performed for several frequency combinations (1H/15N/13C, 1H/13C/31P, 1H/29Si/27Al). Variable temperature from -140 to 150 °C

Two channel diffusion probe for gradient strengths up to 2000 G/cm. Tuning range: 1H, 13C, 7Li, 27Al, 29Si, 129Xe. Variable temperature from -30 to 70 °C.

microimaging acessory. The probe has exchangeable 1H isnert allowing for the study of samples with an diameter ranging form 5 mm to 25 mm.



  • characterization of structure, morphology and dynamics of solid materials.
  • characterization of Brownian Diffusion by Diffusion NMR.
  • NMR Microimaging of materials.