N15 T1 setup note on B800 with TP3.5pl5:

  1. Use hsqct1etf3gpsi3d sequence.
  2. Go to VDLIST and open the exam_15NT1 file, re-edit it with new T1 time points you choose, and save as a new filename, and make sure to load this new file in, for example, you choose 12 time points, and then go to ACQUPARS tab, make sure NBL = 12, TD1=12, FnMODE in F1 using QF;
  3. Make sure that D1 >= 3s; ZGOPTNS using “-DLABEL_CN” for C13/N15 double labeled sample; and ZG.
  4. After finished, under the current expt. dataset, type “rser2d” to extract those 12 raw 2D data planes with new expt. NO., and when processing them with nmrPipe, make sure to use the same parameters.


  1. If use hsqct1etf3gpsi sequence, which is not pseudo 3D, make sure that D1>= 3s, and only change d7 as the delay time points for each 2D experiment.
  2. Do in the same way for corresponding trosy version sequences: trt1etf3gpsi3d and trt1etf3gpsi.

Hongwei edited on 9/15/2023