1D ¹H Homonuclear Decoupling Expt Setup Note:

This expt. selectively irradiates a specific region of ¹H peaks, and make the nearby coupled multiplet peaks structures simplified or decoupled, and make residual coupling peaks assignment and 1H-1H coupling constants analysis more unambiguous and clear.

  1. Run a good quality 1D PROTON spectrum with optimized p1 (by pulsecal), o1, ns, and sw. Stay in the current 1D proton data folder, and
  2. Click AcquireMore → select Setup Selective 1D Expts → expend the proper region of the spectrum, click Define Regions → integration bar open, choose the proper integrating peaks region → click Save integration regions → select Save the Region to reg → click Return do NOT save regions ! → click No !
  3. Click Create Dataset button → select 1H Homonuclear Decoupling in the list.
  4. click Accept, a new dataset is created with new EXPNO, ns=32 is good, → click OK, rga and zg will start sequentially for the new dataset acquiring.
  5. After expt. finish, use .md to compare both normal spectrum and the selectively decoupled spectrum, (might optimize the shaped pulse power level a little to get completely decoupling.)

Hongwei edited on 6/22/2023