2D NOESY, ROESY and TOCSY setup note:

For peptides in 90%H2O/10%D2O:

  1. Run ZGPR first, use pulsecal to find P1, set rg=1, and use gs to optimize O1, then zg and find proper sw.
  2. Run ZGESGP using the above updated p1, o1, and sw, and get 1D proton spectrum with better water suppression (re-calculate to calibrate two flip-back shape-pulses if needs).
  3. Run NOESYESGPPH, the mixing time (d8) can be 150 to 700ms, we use 400ms here.  (noesyesfpgpphrs is also a good option.)
  4. Run ROESYESGPPH_hw; p15 for ROESY spinlock mixing time (200ms here), can try 150ms to 250ms.
  5. Run DIPSI2ESGPPH, try to set the mixing time (d9) as 60ms to 80ms.

Hongwei edited on 6/8/2023