Mindset and Approach- A Rising Senior’s Guide to College Admission

Last year I wrote this blog criticizing February, and man did the Feb fans have some words. Wow. Well, now I’m taking the other side of that coin to say that I’m a big fan of May. First, the weather. Now, maybe you live somewhere I’m not thinking of or unfamiliar with and you have … Continue reading “Mindset and Approach- A Rising Senior’s Guide to College Admission”

5th Annual College Admissions Preparation Day

Re-upping this blog based on a few recent conversations with college and neighborhood friends who have kids in the admission process right now. Instead of texting or calling individually, I’ll just be forwarding this. You may call it impersonal– I call it efficient. Po-tay-toe, Po-taa-toe!  Regardless, if you are a senior, or you are currently … Continue reading “5th Annual College Admissions Preparation Day”

College Admission: 3 Messages You Need to Hear

Recently, our family has been watching the TV Show “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.” Not sure what it says about us that this is the one program we can all agree on, but that’s not what this blog is about.   In the show, former athletes, reality TV “stars,” actors, and other famous to moderately well-known … Continue reading “College Admission: 3 Messages You Need to Hear”

The Admissions Waitlist…..NOOOOO!!!!

Because both of our kids have practice or other obligations most nights, we do not watch much TV in real time. However, this spring between the NCAA tournament, the NBA playoffs, and Carson Garrett (a Georgia Tech student) on Survivor, we’ve been a bit more tuned in lately. Naturally, along with the shows and the … Continue reading “The Admissions Waitlist…..NOOOOO!!!!”