A Parents Guide to the College Admission Essay

My son started with Taekwondo when he was five. A few weeks ago, he was invited to test for his black belt. It’s a big accomplishment and he’s definitely excited. My wife and I are proud of him (and honestly kind of proud of ourselves too- that’s lot of driving, watching, and paying over the … Continue reading “A Parents Guide to the College Admission Essay”

Time To Make The Donuts

We don’t watch a lot of TV in our house. In fact, until recently we only had Amazon and Netflix. But as big soccer fans we broke down earlier this summer and got a few cable channels so we could watch the Women’s World Cup. Now with college football upon us we (okay, I…) decided … Continue reading “Time To Make The Donuts”

Focus on What You Can Control

This week we welcome Regional Director of Admission (West Coast) Ashley Brookshire to the blog. Welcome, Ashley! I loathe feeling out of control. My Type A personality enjoys organization, logical outcomes, and the authority to make decisions. Maybe that’s why adjusting to LA traffic has proven to be such a struggle. If given the choice, I think … Continue reading “Focus on What You Can Control”

The Waitlist STILL Sucks!

Listen to the audio version here. Pink eye. A car hitting a puddle and soaking you from the waist down. Someone eats the last Girl Scout cookie but leaves the box in the pantry. Back pain. Your car needs need a new timing belt. Feel free to add on to this list of Things That … Continue reading “The Waitlist STILL Sucks!”

Say It Again!

Last November we made a plan for the blog. We looked out at the spring and created a log. To various staff we assigned certain weeks. We wondered how to improve–what are the necessary tweaks? That’s when we realized we really need you To tell us how to be helpful, encouraging, and true We really … Continue reading “Say It Again!”