Juniors, College Admission is a Stereogram

On Saturday night I was at a party. In these settings, when I am talking to people I don’t know very well, I find they generally broach a few central topics with me- sports/running, my kids/their school, and college/college admission- not always in that order.   While it may surprise you based on this blog … Continue reading “Juniors, College Admission is a Stereogram”

The Role of Parents/Caregivers in College Admission

My daughter’s birthday party was last Friday. Long story short, it involved a frenzied and surprisingly competitive neighborhood- wide scavenger hunt, copious amounts of half- eaten pizza slices, a sugar fueled late-night living room dance party, and periodic tween screaming that hit notes any soprano would commend. Good times were had and only one slight … Continue reading “The Role of Parents/Caregivers in College Admission”

How to WIN College Admission

Get out your pen or phone because I’m only going to go through this once. To get into any college in the country, you need to follow these steps exactly. Note: It is important you complete each task in listed order. Failure to include one of these on your application negates the guarantee. Take AP … Continue reading “How to WIN College Admission”

What Are Your Admission Requirements?

Recently, someone asked me what has changed at Georgia Tech since I started in the early 2000s. Almost everything it seems. When I arrived, our undergraduate student body was a little over 11,000—compared to almost 18,000 now. The parking lots that littered the interior of campus have been replaced by green space or pedestrian walkways, … Continue reading “What Are Your Admission Requirements?”